Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab in San Antonio

What is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab is a type of addiction treatment program where clients detox and attend therapy sessions on an outpatient basis. Unlike residential programs, outpatient programs don’t require clients to live at the facility. Outpatient programs are highly accessible as they are affordable, flexible, and accommodating for people who have busy lives.

Many people transition to outpatient rehab after completing an intensive outpatient program (IOP). OP is also suitable for people who can’t attend higher levels of care due to commitments at home, school, or work.

During outpatient rehab, our clients are guided through the detox process, and any medications prescribed are monitored closely. In addition to medication Assisted treatment, clients attend group and individual therapy sessions throughout the week. Clients have the freedom to return home or to their sober living at the end of the session.

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San Antonio Outpatient Detox Program for Drugs and Alcohol

At Flourishing Foundations Recovery, our outpatient program (OP) in San Antonio is designed to support individuals during and after detox or IOP, providing intensive treatment on a flexible, outpatient basis. Using personalized treatment plans in a supportive, welcoming setting, our team can help you overcome your struggle with addiction.

Safe Outpatient Detox

One of the first obstacles people face when they stop using drugs or alcohol is withdrawal. Depending on the extent of your addiction and what you’re detoxing from, withdrawal can range from mild to severe, often requiring some form of medical treatment.

At Flourishing Foundations Recovery, clients are able to detox safely on an outpatient basis. They may have a daily medication regimen while they detox and attend group and individual therapy sessions. Detoxing while part of an outpatient program allows individuals to receive the necessary medical attention and support while remaining in a familiar environment.

Flourishing Foundations Recovery literally saved my life.

Flourishing Foundations Recovery literally saved my life. Everyone that works here is absolutely so kind and makes you feel like you are apart of a family. They truly care about your personal recovery and even after you get clean they make sure that you are taken good care of. They always keep the place very clean and they get you taken care of quickly and pain free. From the moment I entered, the welcoming atmosphere and attentive staff made me feel right at home. I can’t thank the staff enough for helping me through the tough time I was going through in my life. I absolutely recommend this place to anyone!

– Stefani Smith

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Evidence-based Treatments

Evidence-based treatments are therapeutic approaches and interventions that are scientifically researched and proven effective. These treatments are at the heart of a quality outpatient rehab for alcohol and drugs in San Antonio. Some of the most widely used evidence-based treatments are:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Motivational interviewing (MI)
  • Contingency management (CM)
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • 12-Step facilitation therapy
  • Family therapy

Each of these treatments can be tailored to meet a client’s individual needs.

Comfortable Atmosphere

The outpatient program at Flourishing Foundations Recovery offers an intimate setting with a low staff-to-client ratio. This gives each individual more time for personalized attention and care throughout the treatment process. Despite requiring fewer hours in treatment than an inpatient program, our staff is able to focus more on the specific needs, progress, and challenges of each individual.

Additionally, smaller outpatient therapy groups allow for more vulnerable and frequent interactions between clients, resulting in a more supportive and therapeutic community. Individuals may also feel more comfortable sharing their experiences, feelings, and challenges in a more intimate setting. This can positively impact one’s commitment to treatment and recovery.

Personalized Detox care

With an emphasis on evidence-based treatments in an intimate setting, our outpatient program grants clients the privacy and personalized care that they deserve. Everyone is unique and has different needs when it comes to addiction treatment, so treatments must be tailored with a person’s needs in mind.


Relapse Prevention

A large part of the focus of an outpatient program is on relapse prevention. Addiction is about more than just drugs and alcohol; it’s about the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that come with the disease. As a result, to prevent relapse individuals need to modify these aspects of their lives. Unfortunately, making such a drastic change isn’t easy, and it takes time. Without intensive support and monitoring, individuals are susceptible to relapse,

Since clients attend treatment on an outpatient basis, it’s essential that they’re armed with the relapse prevention tools they need to maintain their sobriety. Relapse prevention involves:

  • Identifying triggers and potential situations that could result in relapse.
  • Developing healthy coping skills
  • Establishing positive lifestyle changes
  • Creating a plan to cope with cravings
  • Locating local resources and support groups

Outpatient programs provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to practice their relapse prevention skills while continuing to receive professional support.

Benefits of an Outpatient Rehab Program

Attending an outpatient program in San Antonio comes with several advantages, including:

  • Affordable treatment
  • Flexible care
  • Get sober while maintaining work, family, or academic obligations
  • A focus on relapse prevention
  • Treatment tailored to individual needs
  • Recover from addiction without putting your life on hold

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At Flourishing Foundations Recovery, we’ve created a warm and comfortable space where you’re not just a number – here, our low staff-to-client ratio ensures you receive the privacy and tailored care you truly deserve. We get it, recovery is a tough road, which is exactly why our whole team is deeply committed to making your path to sobriety as comfortable, safe, and supportive as possible.

With our broad spectrum of medical detox services aimed at tackling addiction and alcoholism head-on, we’re here to help you kickstart your voyage towards lasting recovery.

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