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Addiction Treatment Discharge Planning

When you or a loved one seek addiction treatment, you may feel a sense of comfort knowing that the person struggling with addiction will be safe. Treatment gives you professional guidance throughout detox and early recovery, but recovery doesn’t stop when treatment does. For most people, recovery is an ongoing journey, and our San Antonio rehab center is committed to making sure each client is prepared for the road ahead using discharge planning.

Discharge planning involves working with your therapist to create a plan that prepares you to leave rehab. Rehab provides you with structure and guidance, but your recovery will be in your own hands when you finish treatment, so it’s important that you are prepared for what lies ahead.

Addiction Treatment Discharge Planning

Why is Discharge Planning Important?

While you may feel some excitement and joy when you finish treatment, you may also experience a lot of stress and anxiety. Transitioning from rehab can present a variety of challenges that people must overcome. Leaving rehab means facing real-world triggers and taking responsibility for your recovery by attending meetings, practicing healthy coping skills, and making positive choices.

It can be easy to fall back into old behaviors, but if you have a plan in place, you will feel more confident in your ability to stay sober. Discharge planning helps you formulate an extensive plan to prevent relapse.

What Does Discharge Planning Look Like?

Although discharge planning prepares you for completing treatment, it begins early on in your treatment plan with individualized care. Treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine your needs and create a treatment plan based on them. However, your needs will also be considered when you begin planning for discharge.

Different people have different needs, so your discharge plan may look different from the next person’s. When you are ready to begin planning for release, our licensed substance abuse counselors will work closely with you to reassess your needs and make suggestions accordingly.

Based on your situation, discharge planning will involve:

Relapse Prevention Planning

Preventing relapse is the most important aspect of discharge planning. Relapse prevention planning involves identifying your triggers and developing a plan to avoid or cope with them. It also involves actively practicing healthy coping skills and self-care.

Create an Aftercare Plan

Aftercare refers to treatment or recovery services that can support you in early recovery. Popular aftercare programs include sober living, recovery coaching, outpatient counseling, 12-Step meetings, and alumni networks. Discharge planning helps you find aftercare that works best for you.

Make Housing Arrangements

Lack of safe, supportive, and stable housing is a major obstacle for many people in recovery. After treatment, you may benefit from staying in a sober living home for ongoing support. Our clinical team can connect you with sober living homes in the San Antonio, TX area.

Get Job Assistance

If you stopped working during treatment or didn’t have a job, you may need job assistance. Support specialists may be able to help you develop your resume, locate job fairs, and embrace skills that will support you in the workplace, such as time and stress management.

Find a Support Group

Participating in a support group can help you stay sober and feel less alone. The most popular support groups are 12-Step fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Our team will help you locate 12-Step meetings in the San Antonio area so you can prepare to attend them.

Medication Management

If you are taking medications for your addiction or mental health condition, it’s important that you continue taking your medication and checking in with your doctor. Our medical team will make sure you have follow-up visits scheduled or that you make arrangements with your own physician.

Continued Counseling

Many people benefit from continued therapy sessions even after their outpatient program ends. Ongoing counseling can help you keep your mental health in check and process any difficult emotions or circumstances that arise. We can provide professional counseling referrals or on-site outpatient substance abuse counseling.

Understanding the Benefits of Discharge Planning

Discharge planning addresses the areas of your recovery that treatment does not and prepares you to navigate life in sobriety. At Flourishing Foundations Recovery, your long-term wellness is our top priority.

Benefits you will take away from our discharge planning services include:

  • Identify aftercare programs that are useful to you
  • Feel more prepared to leave rehab
  • Have an opportunity to create a sober support network
  • Set practical goals
  • Reinforce the coping skills you learned in treatment
  • Help you prepare for common obstacles people face in recovery
  • Reduce your risk of relapse
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